For my dear friends on their (re)wedding day

As you prepare to catch the no 43 to another part of your life – these are a few things I want to say.

Give your love freely and be open to that love in return.
Ask for help when needed and share your joys and your sorrows.
Support each other in your endeavours and chase your dreams.
Try to understand each others needs and accept that sometimes you might fail – and that’s ok.
Continue the amazing work you do together for the good of your community and humanity as a whole, never missing a chance to stand up and be counted, continuing to challenge prejudice, inequality and intolerance wherever you see it.
Enjoy creating a home that will continue to be a source of strength to you, your family and your friends
You already know how the nature of love and relationships change over time, but learn to trust the ebbs and flows of that love, knowing that it will continue to change.

Continue to be wonderful, bohemian, unconventional and so very North London.
Drink single malt, eat quinoa and smoked tea chocolate, roast aubergines, order sushi, microwave your rice and then wash it all down with a modicum of irony.
Sing songs around fire pits until dawn and at the end of the night hug your friends, kiss your children and collapse under your duvet – together, happy and wishing the clock didn’t already say 4am!

You have both been on such a journey and you are about to embark on another.  I wish you a life filled with love and laughter, and I wish you strength for the times that are rockier than we would like them to be.

Life isn’t simple – we wouldn’t want it to be.

Good luck my very dear friends. Have a wonderful day.



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