Bluebell Woods and a Midsummer Nights Dream

Last weekend was magical.

One of those weekends where simple pleasures and family life combine to create beautiful memories.

On Saturday night I took A to the Globe to see a Midsummer Nights Dream.  It was spectacular and enthralling.  She complained loudly all the way there about how she was going to have to stand for 3 whole hours… We played the mini game on the bus, she won.  She complained some more about standing.  We had a lovely meal and a drink on the Southbank.  She complained some more about standing.  We found a great spot near the front with the other ‘groundlings’.  She continued to complain about standing – until the magic of the evening and the performance did something special.  As the sun set and the actors transported us to a magical forest where sprites make mischief with love potions,  my daughter forgot all about her poor aching 10 year old legs.  She got caught up in the mystery and beauty of the theatre around her. And as we walked back down the Southbank at night, her conversation flowed and her eyes sparkled with the wonder of it all.

The next morning bright and early we took the dog up to Goblins Wood (actually Gobians Wood – but we renamed it years ago).  This year has been a bumper year for bluebells and the woods did not disappoint.  Swathes of beautiful bluebells under the canopy of the trees.  D got to search for sticks, J (the dog) gets to chase those sticks, and A actually now appreciates the wonder of the Bluebell Woods – I wonder if she makes the connection and imagines Titania in this wood. That convergence of art and nature – doing subtle and wonderfully creative things her young head.

Then we had a perfect late summer lunch with family to celebrate their recent nuptials. (and I wish them all the very best as they start this part of their life.)

And I have the pleasure and the privilege of sharing these moments with people who mean so very much to me. A set of treasured perfect memories.


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