Doing nothing – the secret life of the stay at home procrastinator

It’s 13.05.  So far today (since getting the kids to school) I have done nothing productive – nada, zilch, didily squat.

This is not unusual.

Despite promises to myself that I will get better, be better, do better.  I have read Mumsnet, commented on a few threads, wrote half a Christmas shopping list.  I have thought briefly about a play adaption for my Open University assignment (a monologue about a woman doing nothing). I have had two cups of tea and two crumpets spread with Nutella.

I have mentally calculated to the mili-second just how late I can leave walking the dog before collecting child from school.  This goes for putting in the laundry, planning the tea, changing the beds.  If I could keep up the intensity of production during that half hour before school pick up I would/could be prime minister by now.

Looking on the positive side – maybe it just showcases my superior project management skills – no need for any effort to go to waste eh?  I really must get on – but first where’s that kettle.


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